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Covid-19 and Your Grandma's Soap

Covid-19 and Your Grandma's Soap

“You can’t, even for a million dollars, get a drug for the coronavirus - but your grandmother’s soap kills it…”  from The Guardian 


Wash your Hands. It’s one of the best ways to prevent Covid-19.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about which of our many soaps we recommend, and if soaps with anti-bacterial/anti-microbial herbs or essential oils are better. As much as we love them, essential oils and herbs have not been proven to be effective against Covid-19. The answer is ANY of our soaps and proper hand-washing will work to kill the virus.

Are your hands terribly dry from the constant hand-washing? Our soaps have the added benefit of providing deep nourishment, moisturizing, and reparative benefits. For dry skin we especially recommend our Nourishing and Moisturizing Soaps collection 

Read More:

The Science of Soap and How it Kills the Coronavirus  

2. DIY HAND SANITIZERS, the good the bad and the ugly.

In the current frenzy where it’s nearly impossible to find alcohol-based hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, gels or creams, there are a lot of DIY recipes on the internet. Most of them won’t work, and they will trick you into a false sense of safety.

Please, DO NOT attempt to make your own hand-sanitizer!

We’ve done a lot of research looking at multiple articles by experts in the field, and they all agree that unless you are a chemist or pharmacist, your final product will not be guaranteed to kill the virus. There is TOO MUCH at stake: health and potentially life itself, for us to gamble with this.

So, why don’t DIY hand-sanitizers typically work? For multiple reasons. Here are the key points to know: hand-sanitizers need to contain at least 65-95% alcohol, and to be in contact with your skin for at least 60 seconds to reliably inactivate the coronavirus. Not all alcohols are made equal (drinking alcohol is not strong enough, some ethanol and very high percentage alcohols actually do not work!), alcohol evaporates very quickly, and aloe vera gel will disintegrate when mixed with 65% alcohol, unless it is thickened with polymers which you cannot make or get as a DIYer.

Basically, just stick with soap as much as possible, and when you are out and about, refrain from touching your face, keep your social distance and only use commercially made hand-sanitizers.

Watch & Read:



 Stay home, stay safe, practice social distancing and wash your hands!


Camamu Soap Team




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Sweet Summer - Tips for skincare routine

Sweet Summer - Tips for skincare routine

It's summer time!
Summer is here, and is gracing us with her warmth, light and nourishment. That means 15 hours of daylight (twice as long as we experience around winter solstice!) and an open invitation to rejoice in those long bike rides, trips to the beach and picnics in the park we’ve been dreaming of. With the change of seasons come the necessary changes to our skincare routine. We’ve devised a list of helpful tips to keep your skin healthy, happy and glowing this summer.

H20 - Hydrate and Moisturize
When we don’t drink enough water, our skin responds by turning dry, tight and flaky and becomes more prone to wrinkling and damage. Try t the 8x8 rule: eight 8-ounce glasses a day, or 1/2 gallon. Topically, it is a good idea to apply hydrating products within two minutes of leaving the shower when our skin is more porous and has a better absorption rate.

2. The good, the bad, the unavoidable: Sun exposure
We all love taking a sun-drenched hammock nap in the middle of the day but unfortunately, UV rays are a proven human carcinogen AND they cause premature aging. Prevention is best. The sun is at its strongest during 10am-4pm, so be sure to dress and shade yourself accordingly. Dark clothing with tightly-woven fabric blocks more sun than white or loosely woven fabrics. Reflective surfaces like water, snow and sand also increase your chances of getting burnt. When it comes to sunscreen…

Skin experts recommend wearing sunscreen all year round because UV rays are always present, though weaker in the winter. Look for a broad-spectrum one that protects you from both UVA and UVB radiation and is at least SPF 30 or higher. Reapply every two hours outside, and every hour if you are swimming or sweating. Don’t forget to protect your lips with an SPF chapstick! 

Check out out Soleil Rx. Soap, Soothing & Rejuvenating Sun Damaged Skin. More >

When the inevitable happens and you get sunburnt… you can try our Mend Serum: Soothing, Calming & Moisturizing Perfect for Skin Redness & Sun lovers! More on Mend >

3. Harness the power: Antioxidants
Research shows that 90 % of cosmetic skin problems associated with aging could primarily be from sun damage and not the normal aging process. Antioxidants are found in a variety of foods: dark chocolate, berries, coffee and green tea to name a few, and they help us by combating free radicals from sun damage and protecting the health and appearance of our skin. To maximize their benefit, it is best to both eat antioxidant-rich foods, and apply anti-oxidant rich products topically. 

Have you checked out our anti-oxidant rich strawberry vanilla cream, made with real strawberry extract and smelling just like it? more >

4. Polish and unearth: Exfoliation
Ever notice periods of your skin appearing dull and your moisturizer seeming ineffective? That might be because the outermost layer of your skin is clogged with a barrier of dead skin cells. A gentle exfoliant will help remove those layers and reveal the new and healthy skin cells underneath. As we uncover our new skin we make way for our favorite moisturizers to penetrate more deeply and work more effectively. Most exfoliants work best when used once weekly. 

Camamu has a fun collection of exfoliant soaps and scrubs that will delight your senses.You can see it here.

To see a full collection of all of our lovely summer product offerings, click here. 

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Healthy, Soft & Glowing Winter Skin

Healthy, Soft & Glowing Winter Skin

Blustery winter weather + cozy warm air indoors = dry, flaky, lackluster skin. 

Exfoliation and hydration are the key to soft, smooth, healthy and glowing skin. 

Slough off that layer of dead skin cells and stimulate some blood flow to the surface, so your skin can feel revived and rosy! Your moisturizer will penetrate more easily and your your skin will love it. 

Try one of Camamu's featured products to exfoliate your body. 

Lemongrass Luck Soap has a bright, citrusy, herbaceous aroma, teensy poppy seeds that feel oh-so-deligthful against your skin, and green clay that deep cleanses and tightens your pores.

Salt Mountain Soap is remineralizing, detoxifying and exfoliating all in one! It is a salt soap containing 84 (!) active minerals, and when you rub it on your skin it feels both creamy and gently scrubby. But wait, it gets better -- its scent is truly something else: sandalwood meets cardamom, juniper berry and cedar. Need I say more?

Handknit Hemp Washcloths are locally-made, anti-microbial, self-cleaning, they resist mildew, and they have a lovely soft and scrubby texture. 

*Stay tuned for the next blog on facial winter care*







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Happy, Peaceful, Playful Holidays!

Happy, Peaceful, Playful Holidays!

The Camamu Team wishes you a Happy Holiday Season.

We are SO grateful for all of you who have become part of our Camamu Family, showing your love for our Blue Planet by choosing 100% natural, ethical and biodegradable products made in small batches with lots of love and intention.  

Our plans for the Holidays? Rest (!) after a hardworking bountiful year, smile, spend time with our families and friends, go skating, bake yummies, meditate, make cashew milk eggnog, go snowshoeing under the moonlight on Mt. Hood , various arts and craft, read by the fire, play with our beloved furry friends, laugh, and most of all, be grateful everyday for being ALIVE.

Happy Holidays and see you in the New Year! 

s + a + j + r + k

P.S. We have some *very* exciting NEW products to unveil in 2019, tee hee hee! So hold your horses ;-)

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The Gifts of Spring

The Gifts of Spring

Spring unfolds, full of wonderful new life..., so in that spirit we'd like to offer you some nourishing, exfoliating, rejuvenating, and mood uplifting gifts for your skin:

Safflower and Citrus Sugar Scrub smells lovely and invigorating, is exfoliating, moisturizing, conditioning, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. It helps slough off dead skin cells, regenerate your skin and increase blood circulation so you can feel all peppy.

Lemongrass Luck Soap, with its vibrant, sweet & tangy scent will elevate your spirit, while gently exfoliating your skin for fresh, new skin to emerge. 

Morning Glow Soap is deeply nourishing and a powerhouse of renewal and glow. It stimulates collagen production and improves your skin tone.

Minty Passion Soap is mood-uplifting, calming, mind-clearing & rejuvenating. Its clean, fresh and minty aroma will make you draw an extra deep breath.

Get Dirty Gardening Soap is purrrect for all the busy gardeners planting new seeds and tending to spring flowers and veggies. Get as dirty as you like, knowing there's a sumptuous cleanup at the end of the day: softly scrubby, and antiseptic providing healing to those small scratches and scrapes. Follow it up with The Mother of All Healing Salves for extra TLC to your garden boo-boos. 

Bee Propolis and Myrrh Cuticle and Nail Balm gives your nails and cuticles some fresh life. It nourishes and restores your skin, and accelerates new cell and nail growth.

Stay connected to all the lovely scented blooms dreaming of summer, with our Hide'n Seek Oil Perfume. Or try our Spirited Aftershave and Toner, with its incredibly refreshing scent, which will tone your skin and put you in a spirited mood!

May you have a wink from the daffodils!


a + s + j + k




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The Winter Dry Skin Squad

The Winter Dry Skin Squad


Winter can be a magical season. Think peaceful snow falling, ice-skating, delicious hot broths with crusty bread, cozy crackling fires in the fireplace, the aroma of creamy hot spicy chai or chocolate...

Unfortunately, your skin is not a fan of winter. Winter dry skin is mostly caused by cold temperature, low humidity, and use of central heating. But worry not! We've got you covered with a selection of deeply moisturizing soaps, lotions, salves & heel butters that will leave your skin hydrated, nourished, soft & happy. 

Our Winter Dry Skin collection includes honey soaps, soaps with shea butter and sea buckthorn oil, Argan oil, goat's milk, and scented with healing essential oils of myrrh, frankincense, lavender, clove, patchouli, geranium, juniper berry, sweet orange and amyris sandalwood. 

Butter My Heels will leave your heels soft and healthy, and keep them from drying, chapping and splitting.

The Mother of All Healing Salves has hemp and beeswax and healing, soothing and reparative herbs for dry and chapped skin.

Wild Carrot Herbal's Lord! My hands are so dry! lotion will keep your hands deeply moisturized and velvety-soft. 

You can find all of these products in our Winter Dry Skin collection. 

Stay warm, and treat your skin with lots of TLC!

Yours truly,

The Camamu Team: S + A + J + K


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All Kinds of Love. An expanded Valentine.

All Kinds of Love. An expanded Valentine.

"Be in love with your life. Every minute of it." Jack Kerouac

Leave it to Jack to put it best. Indeed, what a gift, to be in love with YOUR life. Now that encompasses way more than just your lover. Love yourself, your quite perfect imperfections, and your biggest struggles (yes, that's right!, because they brim with opportunities for change), your friends, the quince branches on your kitchen table, your partners, the moon, your goofy pets, a sun-kissed peach, your family, the layer of cream on top of your milk, nature and the planet, and all the small magnificent everyday things in between. 

Here at Camamu we have five scrumptious Valentine’s Day soaps to help you express your love— Night Jasmine Vetiver & Moon Milk, Milk & Rose Caresses, Glorious & Groovy Soap, Sweet Milk & Honey Soap,  and last but not least In the Mood For Love: Cocoa Rose with a Cinnamon Twist. And we also have some whimsical fresh flower bouquets and darling heart-shaped succulent gardens, you can keep tending long past Valentine's day. 

'nuff said.

A + S + J + K

Your Camamu Soap Team

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2018 Greetings

2018 Greetings


Happy New Year!

May you live this new year in good health, with intention, gratitude and love. And most of all, remember to live each moment fully!

For us, 2017 has been quite the ride! We were musing about this on  December 31st in Vienna, at the bohemian Cafe Hawelka, a crowded dimly-lit space filled with good cheer and warmth, sipping our Cafe Melange (a sort of Viennese Cappuccino with more coffee and less milk). The overwhelming feeling we felt looking back at 2017 was GRATITUDE, for being the lucky new Camamu Soap keepers, for getting to work together with an amazing team creating organic awesomeness for you, for getting to meet many of you, and for the larger Camamu family, round the planet - a fun lot, who loves organic, is ethically responsible towards the environment, and enjoys the handmade and quirky in life.

One of the things we love most about Camamu is the nod back to the time of our grandmothers, the time of wildcrafting, of things made from old recipes by hand, with loving care, in big pots on the stove, stirred often, and fussed over. We love the charm of things coming into being slowly, teasingly, and asking for patience. 

If you've ever had the pleasure to step into the back of our studio, you would feel like you've stepped inside a magical kitchen. There are white tables, stoves, wooden shelves lined with rows of jars filled with delightful herbs, dried flowers, and spices. There are drums filled with fresh and creamy plant butters with exotic names, like coconut, shea, avocado, there are glass jars on the window sill with nourishing golden, amber, green herbal infusions doing their magic in the sun. And last but not least, there is the array of exotic essential oils from all over the globe, with scents divine.

Next comes the cooking of the soap, the stirring it in big pots, the pouring it in hand-made trays, the covering it up in blankets to let it do its alchemical thing, and then after a few days, the unveiling, and the cutting it by hand, like trays of freshly baked cake…Now, this IS magic!

The making of soap has always reminded Anca of the way her grandma in Transylvania made a special Christmas treat known in Romanian as 'cozonac'  -- a golden airy-flufy-melt-in-your-mouth sweet bread made with layers of roasted walnuts and rum, or poppy seeds and sugar, or little chunks of Turkish delights -- her recipe passed down from her mother, and her grandmother before that. She, too would stir these big pots, wafting the yummiest aroma, knead the dough by hand for a long, long time, then pour it in vats she covered with blankets for the deliciousness to rise and be baked to perfection. Stu finally got to experience this almost-impossible-to-describe-in- words treat this Christmas, when Anca's mom made it in Germany for our family’s international Christmas, which included Stu's family who had come from Ireland to join in the celebrations!

Anyway, in so many words, we love Camamu Soap, we are grateful to make all these goodies for you, and we are thrilled when you stop in on rainy days (sans umbrellas) and strike up tidbits of conversation with us about the soap (or not about the soap), but always a delightful way to connect briefly, in a world where so much is mass-produced and faceless. 

THANK YOU for all your support, and come by often!

S & A
and the Camamu Soap studio team 

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Precious lil' gifts

Precious lil' gifts

We are sooo excited about this array of precious little gifts! These soaps and the cute little boxes they are ensconced in are a limited edition designed especially for the Holidays. The scents are delicious, ranging from bright, citrusy and uplifting to warm and soothing, and spicy honeyed steamy chai. The boxes are hand-drawn, and the little tins are Turkish. 

Unique indeed!

Happy Holidays

Team Camamu


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Treat Time

Treat Time

Dear Camamu friends,

It’s been tooooo long, but we’re back, and we have lots to catch up on!

We’ve been crazy-busy creating a delightful assortment of goodies for you & your four-legged friends. Had a blast making twenty (!!!) - yeah 20, NEW organic body care delights, full of love, merriment, and giggles, and we've gathered a few other treats for you as well ;-) 

This cornucopia has butters for your heels safflower and citrus sugar scrubs, bath salts studded with magical herbs, flowers and spices, rose clay foot soaks for tired tootsies, bees’n raspberries lip balms, cardamom/cinnamon chap sticks (yumm!), Zen kits to keep you grounded and nourished, exquisite oil fragrances, organic vinegar rinses infused with roses, lavender, nettles and lemon verbena to keep your tresses shiny and healthy, and a spirited tonic and aftershave.

Now for the soaps: Prairie Rain was inspired by our trip to Georgia O’ Keefe’s ranch this summer -- it is the prettiest creamy soap with wisps of green clay, teensy dots of poppy seeds and sprinkles of periwinkle corn flower petals; Minty Passion has a tingly refreshing scent you won’t be able to get enough of; Flowers Whisper will transport you to a fragrant garden no matter what the season, and Dreamy Sky is well, that gorgeous Pacific Northwest grey-blue sky color with amber sunset swirls to soothe your body and soul.

As for the doggies, they get to enjoy an herbal dry shampoo to keep their coats silky and the pesky critters out, and an organic vinegar rinse for itchy skin, infused with all kinds of healing herbs. 

And, last but not least, we’ve gathered a beautiful array of genuine Pestemal Turkish Towels and blankets woven on the loom. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention: we now have soft immaculate white organic cotton robes woven in a pretty waffle pattern. 

P.S. We are jazzed to participate in Little Boxes  for the first time - the most fun Black Friday & Saturday Portland indie business shopping. Stop by and get 10% off on ALL products, old and new. 

Don't forget to download the Little Boxes APP in your app store @  to use your shopper store codes for raffle prizes and little surprise treats. 

We look forward to seeing you. 

Happy Trails!

Your Camamu Soap Team

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