Grey days, crows and love.

We're having a typical Portland winter again, rainy and grey. Every morning the enormous black walnut tree that covers most of my block is crowded with crows that announce the pink streaked sky and the start of another day. Today is half-way between winter and spring and already the hellebores are pushing up while the glossy camellias burst into rosy bloom. 

As ever, this time of year we celebrate the resurfacing, the renewal, the growth that this season teases at. And, as ever, we hope this time of year finds you all in love. With yourself, with your world, with another living creature. If you're looking for a gift to share, a gift that is made with love, a gift that speaks of love, we hope you'll enjoy our heart soaps. Our Molten Love Heart Soap is new this year. Scented with an earthy, spell-binding essential and botanical oil combination of rose, vetiver and jasmine, it is swirled with activated charcoal for removing the old and unwanted, leaving room for the new. Our Unrepentant Rose Heart Soap, sprinkled with red rose petals and scented with rose, geranium and palmarosa essential oils, is beautiful, yearningly beautiful. Both come packaged in kraft boxes that feature original artwork on the front.

Have fun, have love, have patience. Spring is on its way!