• Finally! and at long last...
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    Lori Basson

Finally! and at long last...

Phew. October was a busy, busy month and we fell a bit behind in adding our spectacular new soaps to the website. But, case closed, here they all are and are we ever excited to be able to show them off.
Dear Camamuettes, please meet:
Camaccino Soap - a coffee soap which will brighten your skin, soften lines, reduce inflammation and so much more... topped with a 'foam' of kaolin clay and a sprinkle of cinnamon powder!
Cosmic Detox Soap - a nebula-inspired riot of color against an activated charcoal background for deep, gentle cleansing, spirit-uplifting and pure, unmitigated visual pleasure,
Simply Complex - easy for you to say but hard for us to make but oh so worth the effort! A amazement of a complexion bar replete with activated charcoal, French green clay and skin-rebalancing, acne-fighting essential oils. 
And, just in case you were wondering, we'll be back very soon with our 2016 holiday offerings. 
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    Lori Basson